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SOKO 5113

This long-running German weekly crime drama first aired in January 1978 and has been running in prime time on German ZDF ever since. The show has held consistently high audience levels over its 30+ year history.

SOKO is a special German investigative team of three men and one woman who are called in on the ‘unsolvable’ crimes in Munich that no one else can solve. The way the team of inspectors go about solving the crimes is close to real police work, which is one reason why the series has such a strong following. The humanity and attunement between the inspectors is also a strong factor and they often have to hold their ground against their opportunistic superintendent. The number 5113 in the show's title represents the direct-dial number to reach the commissioner of SOKO.

The series has been so popular over the years that in 2001 a group of spin-offs began to air both in Germany and Austria.