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The IT Crowd

This quirky, Bafta-award-winning sitcom from Retort, features the antics of a three-strong IT department located in a dingy, untidy and unkempt basement. Banished  from the ivory towers of Reynholm Industries, they avoid work and social contact in equal measure.

Moss and Roy are the two socially inept IT technicians who are despised, ignored and ridiculed by the rest of the company. They studiously avoid the constant ringing of their department phone and come with their own idiosyncracies. Moss, the genius, has a wide and intricate knowledge of all things technical - reflected in his accurate yet utterly indecipherable suggestions - while demonstrating a complete inability to deal with practical problems like extinguishing fires and removing spiders. And Roy, the Irishman, expresses his 'personality' by wearing a different geek T-shirt in each episode.

They are managed by the hopelessly non-technical Jen, whose efforts to integrate the nerds into the rest of the company are often met with hilarious results.