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FremantleMedia Poland

FremantleMedia Polska has successfully launched long running shows such as Family Feud (Familiada), running since 1994, and Between Friends (Na WspÓlney), now running for over 7 years. FremantleMedia Polska has also had sensational reviews on shows such as Got Talent (Mam Talent), launched in 2008 on Polish broadcaster TVN which has consistently ranked number one, reaching nearly 6 million viewers. The X Factor has also been a great success in Poland, launching in March 2011 on TVN.

Piotr Radzyminski is the General Manager of FremantleMedia Polska

FremantleMedia Polska
ul. Wolodyjowskiego 63
02-724 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: 48 22 853 81 11