22 September 2016

Hello everyone,

This year we are bringing a “Jekyll and Hyde” line up to Cannes, on the one hand it is our loudest and most controversial slate ever, but it is also packed with heartland FremantleMedia family formats; from bold and provocative reality, through to feel-good entertainment, along with impeccable gameshow classics. We work tirelessly to deliver brilliantly unique ideas and we’re confident this year’s attention grabbing slate features something for every network.

Firmly in the Mr Hyde camp is Get The F*ck Out Of My House which has been launched by BlueCircle for RTL 5 (Netherlands). We are asking viewers to come and revel in the chaos of the human zoo as 100 complete strangers cram into an average sized suburban family home in the bid to become the last person standing and win a jackpot prize. Stamina and determination will be pushed to the limit and our in-house reporters will be in there alongside contestants provoking, questioning, soothing and subverting. To survive, the group will elect a leader and work collaboratively on how best to spend the household pot of money which doubles up as the prize fund – will they use it for necessities or will sparks fly as the prize fund dwindles as it is spent on alcohol and pizza. In this game, the door is always open but once a person steps over the threshold there’s no turning back. All that remains is for the leader to exclaim; Get The F*ck Out Of My House.

ABC in the US had their best summer Sunday for 10 years on the back of their Fun and Games Event scheduling, it featured two of our iconic gameshows Celebrity Family Feud and Match Game, newly hosted by Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.  No other US network has ever scheduled gameshow formats in this way, and the combination of the slot and very clever casting contributed to attracting a young and broad audience. The block became an event in the schedule; it was an evening full of laughs and comedy and resulted in broad ratings. We want to help other broadcasters to try this scheduling using our gameshow catalogue and our expertise in producing this genre.

We’re absolutely thrilled to present reality entertainment formats Families Gone Wild and 100% Hotter from our brilliant partners at Naked Entertainment. These are the first of two titles to come out of the partnership with award-winning Simon Andreae’s company, and they are top notch. Families Gone Wild, set to air on Channel 5 (UK), is a high-octane reality family drama set in the wilderness. Dysfunctional families in desperate need of an extreme remedy are marooned on a tropical desert island and must work together to rebuild their family harmony. 100% Hotter is the world’s first extreme make-under show and aired on 5STAR (UK) becoming their highest rated production in the last five years. Contestants with the worst fashion disasters are nominated by friends or family to have their extreme look tamed and a panel of style experts who have just 24 hours to complete a style overhaul. This series is transformative, emotional, entertaining and a bit of a tear jerker. Guaranteed to get an 100% Hotter result for the participants.

To round things off, we’ve got the toe tapping game show Cue The Music, commissioned by SVT, with its very own play along app; we’ll be singling out sidewalk superstars in the musical entertainment format Sidewalk Karaoke; then there’s the edgy and compelling The Lie Detective for Channel 4 (UK) which puts couples in the hot seat for the most intimate and honest conversations audiences will ever hear; and a spectacular mashup of baking and weddings with the competitive baking format Wedding Cake Challenge.

See you all in Cannes