Cue The Music

Cue The Music pits two teams of celebrity guests against each otherover five rounds of musical multiple choice questions and answers spanning an array of different genres and tastes. Questions range from “guess the intro”, to unusual and hilarious music trivia or can focus on a specific artist. Proceedings are overseen by a host, who’s always in control and on hand to keep the laughter flowing. The energy is raised even higher when surprise guest artists, from the past and present, are revealed throughout and take to the stage to perform.

The game plays out over two high tech light up runways. Each time the teams face a question the runways illuminate with four light pulses, each pulse corresponding to a potential answer. Relying on their quick wits and fast responses, the players must jump onto the correct pulse to score points for their team – the faster they move, the more points they score. The combined physical and mental challenge ensures that celebrities are literally kept on their feet… and that the hyped up audience remain on the edges of their seats.

Cue The Music also invites viewers at home to get into the party spirit without leaving the comfort of their sofa. The audience can compete taking on family and friends via a dedicated app, created by interactive experts Monterosa. Not only will the show end with a victory in the studio, but the app will uncover the country’s top music masters.