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FremantleMedia Enterprises And Atlantic Productions to Produce 21st Century Dinosaur Experience.

29 October 2009: FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME), Atlantic Productions, ZOO and Geffen-Medavoy Pictures have announced today a major collaboration to create a groundbreaking new CGI franchise, Dinosaurs Resurrected [working title], which will be a global entertainment concept based on the latest, and most credible, science available. By combining state-of-the-art computer animation and visual effects with the latest research and insights from dramatic new paleontological finds, Dinosaurs Resurrected rewrites what we thought we knew about dinosaurs and reinvents them with stunning visuals in HD and 3D for a 21st century audience.

Dinosaurs Resurrected will be a genuinely 360° brand encompassing a prime-time television series (based on a returning format) for delivery in 2011 and a feature-length narrative 3D movie for theatrical release. The movie will be the first major dinosaur experience using the latest immersive 3D technology in the world, for both cinemas and IMAX. The project will include accompanying books, DVD, tie-in consumer products and educational resources as well as gaming spin-offs and live events.

Dinosaurs Resurrected brings together the specialist expertise of four companies. FME is one of the world’s leading licensing, distribution and home entertainment companies responsible for launching some of the best-known entertainment brands including recent global phenomenon The Adventures of Merlin, a Shine Production for the BBC. Selling to over 180 countries, FME has co-invested in the series, with the programme featuring spectacular CGI from Oscar-winning effects house The Mill.  Additional entertainment franchises include Idols, now entering its ninth season, with brand extensions including The American Idol Experience at Walt Disney World Resort.  FME has had tremendous success with other prestigious television projects such as the CGI family series Prehistoric Park produced by Impossible Pictures which has sold to over 150 countries, and will be distributing the CGI 90-minute special, March of The Dinosaurs which will be produced by Wide-Eyed Entertainment.

Atlantic Productions has a seventeen-year track record in producing high-end, award-winning and acclaimed programming for global audiences such as recent hits The Link, Predator X and Egypt Unwrapped, the latter of which is distributed internationally by FME. All titles feature high-end CGI in their story-telling which further underscores the strong partnership between companies in bringing this next dinosaur experience to a global audience.

Rounding out the producing partners, ZOO brings their talent as a specialist digital effects company, previously working with the best visual effects artists and animators from the around the world  - members of the ZOO team have worked on award-winning features including Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, King Kong and 10,000 BC. And Geffen-Medavoy Pictures bring their established gravitas in creating feature documentaries for theatrical release, chaired by Mike Medavoy, the Hollywood producer who has been behind seven Best Picture Academy Award winning movies.

Announcing the collaboration, David Ellender, Global CEO of FME, said, "This group of partners has at our collective fingertips the fantastic combination of the most up to date production technology and the latest from the science community which means we can create a groundbreaking and completely up to date dinosaur franchise across numerous platforms. It is a big undertaking for FME and one we wouldn't have taken on without the calibre of partners we'll be working with."

Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions, added, “We are delighted to be working with Fremantle on this exciting venture. In the same way that Jurassic Park and Walking With Dinosaurs revolutionised our experience of dinosaurs at the end of the 20th century, this project will bring dinosaurs into the 21st century – on HD and in 3D. We are looking forward to combining the very best of traditional storytelling techniques with all the opportunities new technologies and platforms offer.”

Mike Medavoy, chairman of Geffen-Medavoy Pictures, said “Ever since they were first discovered, dinosaurs have captured our imagination. This project is a fantastic opportunity to bring them back to life for movie audiences around the world in the most realistic, most complex and most terrifying way we’ve ever seen.”



FremantleMedia is one of the leading creators and producers of entertainment brands in the world. FremantleMedia is part of the RTL Group, Europe's largest television and radio broadcast company, which is in turn 90 percent owned by Bertelsmann AG, one of the world's major media and entertainment companies. FremantleMedia’s worldwide production arm is responsible for many of the world’s highest rated prime time entertainment, drama, serial drama and factual entertainment programmes. FremantleMedia Enterprises is the brand extension arm of FremantleMedia, offering a one-stop-shop for all Licensing, Distribution and Home Entertainment around the world. The FremantleMedia Group (which includes talkbackTHAMES, UFA and Grundy amongst others) has operations in 22 countries, one of the most comprehensive global networks, creating over 14,000 hours of programming a year, rolling out more than 60 formats and managing over 300 individual titles. FremantleMedia has some of the world’s most sought after and long running formats in its catalogue, and globally, produces such programmes as: Idols (co-produced with 19 Productions in the US), The X Factor (co-produced with Syco in the UK), Got Talent (co-produced with Syco in the UK and the US), Neighbours, The Bill, Family Feud, The Price is Right, Farmer Wants A Wife and Hole In The Wall.



Atlantic Productions is one of the world’s leading factual production companies whose films have been seen around the world. Atlantic's award-winning and acclaimed films include Nefertiti: Resurrected, Munich: Mossad’s Revenge, Richard The Lionheart & Saladin: Holy Warriors, Predator X, Egypt Unwrapped and The Link. Since it was founded in 1992, Atlantic has sought fresh ways to tell often complex stories, embracing new techniques and technologies and building pioneering cross-platform projects. Atlantic has recently co-produced a theatrical-release feature documentary, The Wildest Dream, with Altitude Films for release in early 2010.



ZOO is a dynamic and innovative design, motion graphics, visual effects and animation studio based in London. Using the latest technology and the brightest talent, it delivers stunning, award-winning visual effects for film, television and multi-platform projects. ZOO’s work has won and been nominated for BAFTAs, Emmy Awards and Designers Guild Awards. ZOO works with the best visual effects artists and animators from the around the world  - members of the ZOO team have worked on features including Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, King Kong and 10,000 BC.



Geffen-Medavoy Pictures (GMP) is a specialist theatrical venture creating feature documentaries and factual based dramas for theatrical release. It’s chaired by Mike Medavoy, the Hollywood producer who has been behind seven Best Picture Academy Award winning movies. Anthony Geffen and Mike Medavoy recently worked together on The Wildest Dream which is due to be released in cinemas and on IMAX in early 2010. Dinosaurs is one of several projects they are now working on together for theatrical release.