No Offence

No Offence, written by Bafta-winner Paul Abbott (Shameless, Hit & Miss, State of Play), returns for a second series with its raucous razorsharp take on modern policing.

DI Vivienne Deering is back and this time she and the Friday Street team are thrust head to head against a ferocious and unpredictable Nigerian crime matriarch, Nora Attah. In between fighting their way through the unexpected and unpredictable crimes of week, Friday Street and the Attahs push each other to the point of destruction with shocking and naturally unpredictable consequences.

Viv, as eccentric and brilliant as ever, returns to the Friday Street nick after a sabbatical necessitated by her husband’s brutal murder. She finds a new woman in charge, the young and hyper-aspirational D.C.I. Christine Lickberg. A child of a by-the-book era, promoted fast and she’s not here to make friends. She is the opposite of Deering’s heart-on-sleeve, gut-instinct policing, and feels that Viv’s methods, and in fact Viv herself, should swiftly become a thing of the past. Viv’s trusted team rally behind her: impulsive and street smart Detective Constable Dinah Kowalska, neurotic but brilliant Joy, steadfast and loyal Spike, the bipolar eccentric pathologist Professor Randolf Miller and our team of trusty beat cops. Some more trusty than others.