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Take Me Out

This provocative, highly visual and electrifyingly funny hit dating show is where first impressions really do count! 30 ladies with attitude have one quick glance to decide whether to keep a guy in the show or not by keeping their lights on or off. The longer each guy lasts, the more is revealed about him.

Then the tables are turned as the surviving guy has to choose his favourite lady, using the same lights on/off format. The subsequent date is captured on captured on camera and shown in the next programme. Launching in the UK in January 2010, Take Me Out consistently built its ratings to peak with an audience of 5.4 million viewers and has been ranked number one in its time period. Take Me Out is successfully produced in over 15 territories.

Building on the success of Take Me Out Indonesia, spin off shows Take Him Out and Celebrity Take Me Out have been successfully launched in the territory as well. On top of the show’s success in the UK and Indonesia, Take Me Out has attracted large audiences countries across the world, including Denmark, Korea, the Netherlands, and Spain.