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Total Blackout

Total Blackout is an electrifying game show set in the dark. Borne out of FremantleMedia’s creative exchange alliance with Japan’s Fuji TV, the innovative hit show plunges contestants into complete darkness. The contestants struggle over a series of knock-out rounds to compete to survive outrageous challenges to emerge victorious into the light. In the final game the one remaining survivor wins the chance to grab as much money as possible...if only they could see it!

Total Blackout made its debut in Denmark, where it is now the highest rated show of 2011, appealing to a wide variety of audiences. Total Blackout has also aired in Japan, and has become an audience favourite in Norway where the show exceeds TV Norge’s prime time average by up to an incredible 279%. Total Blackout also continues to win over audiences in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, and with upcoming launches around the world, the blackout is spreading!