The Chefs’ Line

In every restaurant kitchen there exists a clear hierarchy known as The Chefs’ Line. This hierarchy is used as the structure for a high stakes competition, as each week four amateur home cooks take on The Chefs’ Line from one of Australia’s favourite restaurants.

The home cooks compete against one chef throughout each episode, starting with the Apprentice Chef, battling their way up to the Head Chef.

It’s an escalating food fight packed full of drama, emotion and delicious dishes. In each round the home cook with the best dish wins the night, while the cook with the lowest score is eliminated.

Every week culminates with the one remaining home cook facing off against the restaurant’s Head Chef in a must-watch David vs Goliath battle. Judging the stunning dishes will be three of Australia’s hottest culinary stars: internationally renowned Executive. Chef Dan Hong, popular food writer Melissa Leong and Australia’s most famous indigenous chef Mark Olive.

In addition to the competitive cook-off, 13 episodes will feature an expert Food Critic, Maeve O’Meara, taking the audience on a VIP visit to the featured restaurants, learning about the personalities and the plates behind each of the cuisines.