War Child

Thousands of migrants and refugees – including hundreds of unaccompanied children – have become trapped at the unofficial refugee camp of Idomeni in Northern Greece when its border with Macedonia is closed.

War Child chronicles this new chapter of the migrant crisis, documenting the dramatic personal stories of families and unaccompanied children fighting to get to Western Europe against the odds, often illegally.

For the first time in the five-year migrant crisis, more women and children are on the move than men, and with the route now blocked by militarised border closures, the most vulnerable are forced to find dangerous or illicit means to reach loved ones, and the hope of a safer future.

Dramatic, visceral and profoundly moving, the story is told entirely from the perspective of the three children, accompanied by a voiceover from Emran, who speaks English. We follow the children as they are smuggled across Europe. It’s a hair-raising journey as they hide on trains, are kidnapped by smugglers and abandoned in the forests of Macedonia – much of it captured on their phones. Will they make it to Western Europe and safety?

Emmy award-winning producers and director of Jihadis Next Door.